Here are Impact Movies about our own services. Not only do these describe our services, but they also show the effectiveness of our videos. Although these videos are old, they still work at delivering a powerful message every time.

  Impact Movies about our own Services

Impact Movie about our Impact Movies

Impact Movie about our Mobile Website Service

Impact Movie about our Consulting Services

Impact Movie about our Custom Book Service

Impact Movie about our Production Process

Short Sales Message for Lead Generation

  Types & Styles of Videos

Here is a list of the different styles of Impact Movies. Most videos include a combination of styles. The cost of your movie will vary depending on the style, length and other factors.

Uses pictures, images and on-screen text. Good for displaying a physical product or people.

Uses vector-based illustrations (icons or silhouettes without detailed movements). Good for helping simplify a more sophisticated value proposition or process.

Primarily uses vector-based illustrations with charts or graphs. Good for explaining technical details.

Consists of black or colored lines being drawn on a white background while the narration walks you through the value proposition. Good for explaining a process.

Characters or Cartoon Oriented

Uses more detailed vector-based illustrations such as cartoon characters or backgrounds (with detailed movements, facial expressions and displayed emotions). Good for adding humor and building a friendly connection.

Utilizes sophisticated movements and motion. Good for grabbing attention and displaying a product or service that requires showing motion or speed in the value proposition.

Uses 3D animations (rotating objects to show multiple sides or the interior of objects). Good for explaining complex information and differentiators.

These are longer messages which have chapters so viewers can choose the topics they want to watch. There used for demos, tutorials, demos, orientation and training.


We produce different styles of videos to help you achieve your sales goals. You can see more examples of the the different styles and messages that we offer at:

  Impact Movies from our Clients

Groundwater Cleaning


Tech Photo Anim.

Franchise Car Washes

Oasis Car Wash

Illustrated Icon & Anim.

Plant Cleaning Tech.

CoMate Systems

Tech Photo Anim..

Tool Holding Sys.

Rego-Fix # 2

Tech Photo Anim.

High-end Glasswear

Isinglass 2

Photo Animation

Data Access & Analysis

Datum Strategy #1

Technical Whiteboard

  References to AngelVision in our Videos

You'll notice that the company name “AngelVision” still appears on some of our materials and videos. This is because they were first created by Mike Jingozian when he founded AngelVision.

  Samples of the Other Services

If you want to see samples of our other services, just give us a call. We're happy to provide you with whatever examples you need. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about how we can work together to achieve your communication and sales goals.