Resources to Help Maximize the Results of Some Common Sales Activities

Below are common sales activities that companies use to market and sell their services. To help you get ahead, we produced these materials for you to get the best results you can from these marketing programs.

Webinars - Presentations - Demos

Increase attendance and provide strong, consistent messages including providing better follow-up and selling deeper into companies.

Tradeshows - Seminars - Sales Visits

Maximize the return on investment for tradeshows and seminars including how to use Impact Movie sales videos eight ways to reach more people, educate and connect with audiences better.

Create a Reseller & Affiliate Channel

Create an affiliate channel that produces results, including recruiting better distributors and empowering them to succeed in selling your services.


Bundled Packages to Increase your Sales and Cut Marketing Costs

Lead Generation Sales Tool Package

Webinar & Presentations Sales Tool Package

Tradeshow & Seminar Sales Tool Package

Reseller & Partner Sale Tool Package

Impact Movie & Messaging Sales Package

Huge Benefits when you Make Multiple Sales Tools at One Time

There are many benefits when we produce more than one sale tool at once. This datasheet describes some of these benefits.


How to Get Everyone on your Team to Help Spread your Message

More and more, our customers are asking us to help them find ways to help their employees to sell their services. Therefore, we are now focused on achieving this objective for all our clients.

We realize that not all employees make good salespeople. But, there are many things that employees can do to help spread your message.

We’ve developed a process to make achieving this goal realistic and easy for you. First, we identify all people who are in regular contact with customers and other stockholders. Then, we developed resources to help their teams become successful like emails, phone scripts and so on. We can also hold an orientation meeting, webinar or offer other training materials to empower your employees to achieve your objectives faster. Here are some of the steps and resources that we have produced for our customers.

  1. Enroll - Show employees why it is in their own best interest to help the company.
  2. Empower - Remove all the hard work by making it as easy as possible for employees to help.
  3. Excite - Share the success and excitement of belonging to a winning team.
  4. Execute - Explain the specific objectives of the firm’s sales tools and how they should be used by each respective employee or partner.
  5. Measure - Create specific goals, procedures and a process for measuring and providing feedback.

We produced the datasheet above to describe these opportunities. It outlines some of the ways that we can empower your team. This is just an overview but it shows how great this opportunity can be for your business. We are happy to discuss this in more detail with you. Just give us a call.