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Watch our original demo created many years ago (and still working!)

Impact Movies are the most watched sales videos in the world. They were first introduced by AngelVison and over the years, they have earned over 450 awards for sales and ROI. They’re used by 6000 businesses including half of Fortune 500 companies.

Not all Explainer Videos are the Same

1000 Success Stories

There is only one factor that’s important when evaluating a service and that’s results… and the results from our videos speak for themselves. When it comes to return on investment, nothing comes close to the results that our Impact Movies deliver.

Our videos have generated over 1000 customer success stories. All of these statements were unsolicited. That means that over 1000 times, customers took time on their busy days to tell us how we positively affected their lives. We collected these and published them in our Customer Results Report. It includes case studies and stories told in their own words. You can request a copy here.

450 Industry Awards

More than 450 times our work has been recognized as the best in sales, advertising, and ROI. We don't settle for just being ‘good enough'. We constantly measure our customer’s results to improve our practices. This includes helping you use your video after it's produced. After all, what good is any sales tool if it's not used correctly? Here's a list of our awards. (After 2010, we thought that 450 was enough, and we stopped submitted entries.)

We Understand Technology

We have many years of experience producing videos for highly technical products, processes, and concepts. We are particularly skilled at taking very complex information explaining it in a way that motivates viewers to want to learn more.

They all have complex messages that need the script and visuals to work together. We don't just animate random 2D images. We use animation and graphics to visually explain technical features so that your message will be understood and remembered.

Your Most Powerful Message

We will deliver your strongest message in a way that your customers will understand and remember. Your scripts will be personally written and designed by Mike Jingozian. In 2011, Mike was named Marketer of the Year by the AMA and is called a “Marketing Machine” by The Portland Business Journal. He also storyboards each video so that you can be sure that your most powerful message is seen by your customers.

What does an Impact Movie Cost?

Despite the attention to detail and the extra time that we spend creating your video, our costs are at the low-end, compared to the basic explainer video company. The cost of a video can range between $5000 and $15,000. It is based on several variables, such as the complexity and length of the video, case studies, multiple narrators, interviews with customers, live video, integration with SEO and so on.

A Long-term Investment

Your investment will last for many years. Our clients from 15 years ago are stilling using their videos today. Plus, we can update your video with new messaging, photos, case studies, industry data or contact info.

We can also spin-off alternate versions… for example, you may want to create similar versions of your video for your other products or different versions that emphasize different features or different messaging to reach different markets. (We need a different word for the word different!) Since your video is made by us, these types of changes can be made easily and, therefore, can be made for an affordable price.

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Learn all the details at our webinar, "Coffee with AngelCore. It's fast-paced, fun and packed with essential information that every business person needs to know in this new sales environment. Learn the secrets of our customers' success and take advantage of special opportunities while they still exist. Sales and marketing has changed... have you?

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Updating an Existing Impact Movie Sales Video

If you purchased an Impact Movie from AngelVision, then we have good news. In most cases, we can update your video. Updates range from simple to complex. Here are the common changes that our customers ask us to make.




Read about the results that our customers have had and see the list of 450 awards that we were honored to receive.




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